Teachers in Catholic Schools

Anyone who wishes to teach in Queensland schools must be registered with the Queensland College of Teachers. Standards which must be met relate to qualifications and to good character. To satisfy the requirements of the Education (Queensland College of Teachers) Act 2005, criminal record checks are conducted on all applicants prior to admission to the QCT Register.

All teachers in a Catholic school require knowledge and understanding of the Gospel and the Catholic Tradition to enable them to implement an educational philosophy which seeks to harmonise faith, culture and life.

Teachers in Catholic schools support through their teaching and example the efforts of the school to harmonise faith, culture and life.  This requires of them particular knowledge and skills for the purposes of Accreditation.

Teachers of Religion in Catholic schools require additional professional competence in scripture, theology and religious education theory and practice.

The system of teacher registration ensures that standards of entry into the profession are protected and that only qualified teachers are licensed to practise in Queensland schools, since teaching requires the application of a special fund of knowledge and a range of skills that distinguish it as a profession.